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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Who Doesn't Like Bacon?

I was up this am around 4am so while working on laundry in the basement I got some good work on Rosch. He meets my requirements for progress on my Khador army and 'scrum weekly entrance. I basecoated the cloak and metals, washed the metals, cloak, and hood, and drybrushed the fur. If I get a chance later I will work on this skin a little and start working the cloak back up.

Also this am I checked out lost hemisphere and they had April's targets posted and the May challenge up. I cannot tell but it looks like Northblade is responsible for this months....curse you Bell! This months challenge is to paint a unit....uuuggghh! Well maybe I can do a min unit of champs hmmmm have to think it over. Well my time is up the boys are running around like mad men gotta go catch em. 

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