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Saturday, April 28, 2012

'Scrum Week 15

I was running late last night and didn't get to post before I had to leave for work. I did get Skaldi done for this weeks challenge sending the photo to Goris and 'Gday (double dipping this mini) 2 min before I walked out the door. All in all I am pleased with how Skaldi turned out. There are some things I am really happy with (the cigar) and some that didn't come out a good as usual (the tartan). I really need to paint up his crew of champions to give them a go on the battlefield...I hear good things.

I am not sure What I am going to do for the up coming week. I am fighting an attack of FADD and hoping to stay strong but the $40 in store credit is calling me to branch into a new hard to fight. I am in the mood to paint up some stuff for my Khador force so I might so do a small based minion for the 'scrum challenge. I also want to get a little more work done on Brine. I don't know why I always talk about multiple minis cause I rarely get more than one finished but I can't help myself. Oh yeah also on the schedule this week is give my buddy a demo game. He has been curious about the game for a while and has asked me to give him a demo. I sent him to PPs website so he can take a look at all the minis and see which appeals to him aesthetically. Hopefully he picks one I can field for him if not I should be able to hit up the gaming group to borrow one that he can try out.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

'Scrum Week 15 Progress

I have a bunch I am going to need to finish up tomorrow but I grabbed a quick 45min this evening to basecoat my light leathers, the tartan (looks like my Skaldi is a bit more of a conformist), wash the light leathers, wash the keg, and wash the darker leathers. I have a lot of highlighting to get through tomorrow before the deadline.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Skaldi Wip

The boys fell asleep on the couch watching the ball game so I had a few min to paint before heading into work tonight. I got some more work done on Skaldi who will be this weeks submission for the 'scrum and I think I will also submit him to 'Gday for this months PTT at Lost Hemisphere (time to get back on that train too) I washed and drybrushed the pimp collar, drybrushed the stones hanging of his jacket, and started to put in the yellow metal accents when I ran out of paint time. I need to do the trim on his keg arm in the am and then he will be ready for the metal and skin wash.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

'Scrum Week 15 Started

I took sometime yesterday before heading to work to start this weeks least this weeks mini as of now. I am going to paint up Mr Bonehammer himself. He is pretty early in the painting process but it is a start.

Seeing as Skaldi is kind of his own man I am going to need to pick a different color for his tartan other than my standard green.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Tourney Recap

Hey guys. Yesterday we had a little tourney at our FLGS. I believe I mentioned this tourney briefly in another pots but he is a quick run down.

* 35 pts
* Casual Time Limit (35 would normally be 7 min turns these will be 10) to help with the new models
* You may have 1 league model per list AND/OR 1 jack/beats upgrade per list. Please indicate on your army list which league the model came from so we can find it.
* If you use a league model it REPLACES that type of model (ie if you take the Gravedigger Grenadier from the Nightfall league you can not take a normal Grenadier)
* 1st place Undefeated
* 2nd place "You Broke My New Toy" most points of league (models or upgraded jacks/beats) destroyed
* 3rd place Fastest Last Rite (Caster Kill with your Caster)

So I headed out to the tourney and got there right at noon (start time). Luckily we are typically a little behind so it wasn't an issue. I still didn't know what two lists I was going to play but I was toying with three or four different league models to try out. The league models in consideration were:

-Fellblades x2 units: fennblades that become weaponmasters and  have abominations, berserk, and a P+S increase of one. Lose vengeance. ('locks in consideration Calandra, eMadrak)
-Skaldi Bonehammer Drinking Buddy: becomes a solo, makes champ heroes and himself mini Borkas with stumbling drunk and unyielding, give a mat bonus to champions with LOS to him. (Borka)
-Noral (KSB Character unit): takes fury off 'beasts via *action and has a spray attack which can be boosted via fury. Still maintains protective aura. (pMadrak)

I was able to borrow a unit of Fennblades from Abe so the double fenn beame an option but he forgot to put the UA with it so the eMadrak idea I had went out the window leaving me Calandra, Borka, and pMaddy. I asked Adam which 'lock he wanted me to put on the table and without even knowing who I had in the back or my thoughtsd he says "Calandra or whatever her name is". I said you sure and he said yup so there it was Cally to be list one:

Calandra Truthsayer, Oracle of the Glimmerwood (*5pts)
* Troll Impaler (5pts)
* Dire Troll Bomber (10pts)
* Trollkin Runebearer (2pts)
Trollkin Fellblades (Leader and 9 Grunts) (8pts)
* Trollkin Fennblade Officer & Drummer (2pts)
Trollkin Fellblades (Leader and 9 Grunts) (8pts)
Janissa Stonetide (3pts)
Stone Scribe Chronicler (2pts)
I just needed a second list. I went with Borka using the Family Reunion theme force:

Borka Kegslayer (*5pts)
* Slag Troll (6pts)
* Mulg the Ancient (12pts)
*Keg Carrier (n/a)
Greygore Boomhowler & Co. (Boomhowler and 9 Grunts) (9pts)
Krielstone Bearer and 5 Stone Scribes (4pts)
Skaldi Bonehammer, Drinking Buddy (3pts)
Trollkin Champion Hero (3pts)
Trollkin Champion Hero (3pts)
Both lists used Trollkin Champions (Leader and 2 Grunts) (6pts) as reinforcements if needed.

We had seven guys turn out for the event. It was a decent turnout not great seeing as the weather was crappy but not bad either.
So round one I drew Scudo. No real shock there I mean what kinda of local tourney would it be if I didn't draw Dave round one? In all seriousness I think we have played each other ion round one of close to 75% of the events I got to. Let's get it out of the way now...Damn you Scudo. I went with my fenn blades of doom with Calandra. Dave played his new obsession (2012) Blindwater Congregation but more specifically Maelok. His two lists were exactly the same just 'lock swaps. He is really into Maelok so I knew the list he was playing. His league model was the spitter upgrade which was almost important for later.

The piece of terrain in the center was a real pain in the ass. I think the scenario was destruction.

Here are a few other photos from round one. I had a second while Dave was setting up to go around and get photos of the other tables.

Les: rocking the purple Searforge.

 Ty: Ret of angry elves

Adam: dirty dirty Cryxian (yet such a likable young is that possible?)

Mickey: Representing the swan. You might recognize Mickey's work. He writes articles for under the handle DieselDM. Really sharp lookin Cygnar.

Zack: Throwing down in the name of the Motherland? Yup that is Zack's bear hand pointing out the two Khador Models in his "Khadoran" army list

Tim was running the event but seeing as we had an odd number played the whoever was on the bye. Once again representing Cryx which he claims will be shelved for the remainder of 2012. We will see Mr Tim if you can refrain from the darkness that is Cryx :)

So round one went pretty well for me ending in Calandra KDing Maelok via force blow, a fellblade and 2 bombs. AS I was setting up the kill I looked at Scudo's two remaining beast and noticed they were full so we are all good no transfers right? Wrong. I forgot about the league version of the spitter allowing it to receive transfers when full. Luckily the damage was just high enough on the final hit to kill Maelok to the T.

Round two I got paired up with Adam. I forgot to take photo of this one (happen at least once a tourney right?) He played Scaverous and seeing as were were playing on a winter board I decided to go Borka. This was a reinforcement scenario (forgetting name at the moment). It was the one where the reinforcements come in on the board edge you are trying to score on. Turn one I run everything up table and get buffs out. Adam was able to kill a boomhowler grunt and a KSB grunt via an arced feast of worms. Turn two I brought my champs on and ran them into the zone. I was able to get a few attacks in but nothing spectacular. On his turn he brought in a stalker and pistol wraith. The stalker charged one of my champ heroes but before he got to attack Skaldi counter charged and took out half his grid. He tried to kill Borka at range with a feated Scaverous but after hitting him once Borka stumbled out of range....also putting my mauler out of my control zone. Adam forgot to contest the zone so I scored a point. At this point the game is over 'cause you with with 2 CP and as soon as I end my turn I will score but what fun would that be....go for the throat Team Spite style. Some how needing to roll a 5 or lower on my mauler he passed his threshold check and didn't murder Greygore who was standing next to him. Borka moved up cast mosh pit and feated. A champ hero charged Scaverous KDing the 'caster and putting up some nice damage. I then had my slag do two fully boosted (4d6 due to erosion) spits onto Scaverous sending him back to the grave.

Round three put me up against Zack. I forget the mission (gotta start writing this stuff down) I knew he was going to play his eIrusk MoW block of death list. I went with the Calandra list.

I forgot to take a phot of his force but it was:

Supreme Kommandant Irusk (*5pts)
* Marauder (7pts)
Man-o-war Demolition Corps (Leader and 4 Grunts) (9pts)
Man-o-war Shocktroopers (Leader and 4 Grunts) (9pts)
Man-o-war Shocktroopers (Leader and 4 Grunts) (9pts)
Man-o-war Kovnik (3pts)
Man-o-war Kovnik (3pts)

So Zack loves this list and he played a 50pt version for Templecon hardcore. The list just chews up anything in front of it but it is slow only being able to move 4"....wait what did you say Zack the league Kovnik gives them desperate pace making them speed 6? There goes the threat range advantage. I go first and move up the board he does as well. I am just outside of charge range so I put hero's tragedy on one unit of fenns and then move them up. I give him about three targets leaving the others ready to charge in retaliation. On his turn he kills the three fens I gave him and then managed to kill 3 move from shield cannons...huh? He then feats and due to placement issues on my part get a CP. OK time to charge and eat some of these MoW...wait eIrusks feat just ruined all of that. So at this point things are looking kinda bleak for the Kriels but I just damage what I can and try to target his league models to lock up second place if need be. We go back and forth for a few turns with each of us scoring one CP. Couple brain farts by each of us had pretty big impacts but when he forgot to battle lust the MoWs it was a big blow. We ended up going to dice down and I squeaked out a W via 3rd tie breaker. It felt kinda dirty seeing as he really had me on the ropes most of the game but it happens I guess.

The event was a lot of fun (it is always fun when I get to game). Thanks to Tim for running the event. Now I just need to decide what I am buying with my $40 of store credit :)

Saturday, April 21, 2012

'Scrum Week 14

Good thing my email had to be to Goris by midnight PST seeing as I just sent it at 0010 EST. Here is this weeks entry for the winter troll. I am happy with how he turned out especially since I don't think he will see much table time. I was going to do a group shot of all the elementals together but I didn't have my bag with me in the basement and I need to get to sleep...we have a tourney tomorrow.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Start the Countdown

Eleven hours, give or take, until this weeks 'scrum mini needs to be submitted to Goris. I stayed up a little later than I should last night and did some work on the winter troll. I was able to get a little more done this am but am in a bit of a holding pattern as my wife is about to head out which puts me on daddy day care for a bit. Here is the progress on frosty so far:

Over the last 24 hours I have reclaimed the skin base color, drybrushed the fur on the loin cloth, basecoated the leather of the loin cloth, washed the leather, and basecoated the tongue. This leaves me highlighting on the skin, working the leathers of the loincloth, teef/nails/spiky bits, and I need to build and paint a cork base to properly accommodate his foot print. Lots to do before the deadline.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Trying to Play Catch Up

So I turned the corner this afternoon with whatever bug I had and decided I need to get going on a mini for this weeks 'scrum challenge. It looks like I am leaning towards the winter troll at this time. After the little guy fell asleep on the couch and my wife was putting the bigger little guy to bed I headed down to the basement to break out the airbrush.

The first thing I did was prime the winter troll and a full unit of fennblade. Don't look now but I might actually paint a unit sometime in the not too distant future.

Next I mixed up a batch of my skin color to go through the airbrush. The skin I use for my elemental trolls (pyre, slag, winter, and soon lightning) is Reaper Master Series (RMS) Dusky Skin. I thinned this out with isopropyl alcohol and then shot the basecoat.

At this time I started to hit the wall and blocked in the fur section with P3 trollblood highlight. I am working at my part time job tomorrow so I hope to wash the fur section before I leave the house so it will be fully dried when I get home and can do my drybrushing and then clean up the surrounding skin and do the shading wash on the skin. This will leave me Friday to work the skin up through my highlighting steps, do the loin cloth, and the detail work. Once again looks like it will be tight this week but what is new? OK I need to go to bed I am beat.

Out of Commission

Well after posting my RMM I got hit with some kind of viral infection and have been laid up in bed for the last two days going through fits fever and chills like a menopausal woman. This, needless to say, has put me behind on painting for this weeks 'scrum challenge and projects in general. I finally started to feel a little better this after noon and took a few minutes to clean and assemble another redhead stepchild of the trollblood faction...the winter troll.

He has a few gaps that I need to address with some liquid green stuff and then he will be ready for some primer. Despite being a warbeast and larger than Skaldi I might make him this weeks 'scrum mini as he is fairly simple and I have my elemental troll scheme worked out pretty well already from the pyre and slag trolls. His skin will be the same grey color and he will have white/grey hair. I am not sure what color the nubby/spiky bits will be (prob my traditional purplish color).

Monday, April 16, 2012

Random Miniature Monday

She is one of my favorite 'lock in my faction. Here she is the dark mother herself, the queen of the dice, the fat bottomed girl, Mrs Calandra herself.

I don't think I have post her before but if I did sorry. This was my first real attempt at painting a gem. I like the result as a first attempt but I am not 100% happy with it. I haven't put her on the table in a bit 'cuase she can be a little frustrating to play against the way she effs with your dice but I do love to player her.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

I Like Cold Beverages

Since posting this weeks 'scrum photo Friday evening I haven't touched a paint brush :( but that doesn't mean I haven't had any hobby time. This am while the house was quiet I took some time to get everyones favorite drinking buddy assembled...Skaldi Bonehammer. I have been putting it off for a while now as I am not a huge fan of the direction they took with the sculpt and have been trying to come up with something to make it better (in my eyes at least). I have been toying with some lists which require Mr Bonehammer's attendance so I just said eff it and put him together. He had some gnarly mold line and I did my best to clean them all...I am a bit ocd about this stuff which is why I am not a fan of assembly. After assembling I gave him a quick cleaning with water and some dish soap to make the prime adhere better. I intend to prime him this evening after I get up from my sleep and before heading into work.

He might end up being this weeks 'scrum mini but who knows. The way I change my mind I could go through three or four different minis before I pick one last min. OK all off to bed for me.

Friday, April 13, 2012

'Scrum Week 13

So I went ahead and pseudo-cheated this week. Like I said the other day I have been distracted by Brine so I for this weeks 'scrum mini I banged out a feralgiest. I used the pre-shading priming then used ink glazes. After they dried it was a just a matter of finishing off the base. I didn' take the time to fully set up my photo booth but I did grab my backdrop so the grey would show a little better. Here he is:

The last few week I have been slacking and not taking group shots so this week I decided to get the gang together and do it up. Here we are 3 months into the process. I am pleased to be getting stuff finished but I need to get more units I hate painting units.

I also took the time to put my shading wash down on Brine. It looks pretty messy at this point but I have to reclaim most of the flesh with my base color anyways and that should clean him back up.

These are the colors I am using on my piggies. I used this set up with Les' Carver and liked it so whenever I paint a pig I plan on using this set up. I base with beast hide, make a wash with the umbral umber, then reclaim the muscles with beast hide, and then highlight with progressive mixes of beast hide and tanned skin. The snout gets done with a mix of Khardic flesh and beast hide to give it a nice pinkie flesh tone.

Calling Out to Troll Players

Hey all. Our PG just posted info on our next tourney and it is a bit different so I am looking for input/thoughts/help from y'all. The event info is as follows:

* 35 pts
* Casual Time Limit (35 would normally be 7 min turns these will be 10) to help with the new models
* You may have 1 league model per list AND/OR 1 jack/beats upgrade per list. Please indicate on your army list which league the model came from so we can find it.
* If you use a league model it REPLACES that type of model (ie if you take the Gravedigger Grenadier from the Nightfall league you can not take a normal Grenadier)
* 1st place Undefeated
* 2nd place "You Broke My New Toy" most points of league (models or upgraded jacks/beats) destroyed
* 3rd place Fastest Last Rite (Caster Kill with your Caster

We typically do not participate in the PP leagues at our store so I have zero experience with any of the "new" models. I am curious which of the models you all have found to be decent/worth using from past leagues you have been in. Looking at the Gnarls league Troll Axer: Hunger Driven (free charge vs living) seems pretty solid. So what do you guys think? Any of them worth doing or just stay with the OG versions?

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Lack of Focus....Solution? I Hope.

As I documented earlier in the week I got a box of new shinnies last weekend. I have been working on Brine and loving it. I changed up my normal routine for metals on Brine's shoulders. I typically do white metal with yellow metal trim (seen on his gloves) but on his shoulders I reversed that and went with the white metal as the trim. I am pleased with the result as a change of pace. The metals pretty much done baring a few final steps. Next I will to move on the the skin. Here are a few wips:

So you may be have been making progress what's the issue? Well there is no chance I can get Brine done in time to meet my weekly deadline for the 'scrum challenge....not with it being a work week at least. My lack of focus on Gunnbjorn has also put him in the status of not gonna happen this week. After coming to this realization I looked around to see what I have ready to paint that I could bang out in an hour or two over the next day and a half (I don't wanna get pulled away from painting Brine). I looked over at the shelf and saw a feralgiest and said that's my huckleberry. I brought him into the basement and tried the overspray prime technique. I am not sure if I did it correctly but we will see. Next up I will make a glaze with green and yellow in and see if the pre-shading worked right. if it did I am in business and will be fine for this week.....if not back to the drawing board.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Airbrush Action

Since it is a work week I haven't had a ton of time to paint. Last night before work I primed Rorsh and Brine, the Kayazy, and the Extremoth's base. This am before I went to bed and before everyone woke up I took a few min to basecoat Brine's skin and metals. The skin was done through the air brush mixing P3 beast hide 3:1 with 70% isopropyl alcohol. This put done a fantastically smooth basecoat in no time. I then blacked out the metals and sprayed them with a 1:1 of Vallejo Model Air steel and gun metal. I did end up getting some overspray when I did the metals but it should be a big deal to clean that up.

I also sprayed the cloaks of my Kayazy in my 5th Border Legion green. I think these guys will mostly be green, grey, metal and a very little bit of red (it is Khador after all).

Lastly I broke out my grey basing trio and brybrushed the base for the Extremoth. I will adding sand and painting so patches of "dirt" like I do on my standard bases. I also expect to add either static grass like my older troll bases or use the army painter tuffs like I did on Les' Carver. I am not sure which.

I really need to get a troll mini done to meet this weeks 'scrum challenge requirements but my new shinnies have me so distracted. I don't know if I will get Gunnbjorn finished or if I should just grab a grunt from a random unit and bang him out in an hour or two. I suppose I can just finish up brine but he has a ton left to do. If I get the chance before work I might work the metals a little more (add the yellow metals and made put down the wash)