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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Lord Carver BMMD

Yesterday I finished up Carver and brought him to my FLGS to give to Les. I really enjoyed painting this mini and have been fighting the urge to start a small pig force....'cause once I get involved in a faction "small" never stays true. One of the contents of yesterdays mystery box is also making the pig urge difficult to fight. When I paint a mini almost every time I look at it I see more I could do or should have done differently but I am pleased with Carver and, more importantly, Les seemed to be really happy with him so win win. I didn't have time to take out the photo booth so no glamor shots for the BMMD. These will have to do for my files :)

As you can see I didn't dot the eyes. I didn't have time before I left the house but I brought my pigma micro pen so I could do it at the store but Les said he was happy with how he looked so I never bothered. This was the first mini I used my Army Painted tufts on and I was pretty happy with the results. I am not sure how it will blend in with my static grass used on my older trolls but I cross that bridge at a later date.

Quick overview on the two games from yesterday. I played Ty in game one and used eMadrak. He was playing Rayvn I believe. I went first and turn two popped Maddy's feat. I decimated most of his force on this turn and the game was pretty much done at that point. The game ended with a mat 10 Madrak applying axe to face.

Game two I played "the professional" Andy Cash. He swapped back over to Cryx for a bit and was playing one of his favorite Cryx 'casters in eSkarre. I decided to play Jarl this game. We traded a few pieces back and forth and it looked like I was set up really well defensively behind cloud cover and he had no LOS until he perditioned (I forgot about that) the only visible scout and moved the deathjack with 5 focus) into the clouds giving him LOS to my 'beasts. When the dust settled I was down an impaler and a bomber and was left fighting a major up hill battle. He followed up with his feat and that was pretty much game. He won on scenario but really he would have won on assassination in a turn or two if need be.

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