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Monday, April 9, 2012

Random Miniature Monday

I noticed I have taken the last two weeks off posting pics for RMM so I wanted to corrected that injustice. This week I selected a Woldwatcher from the Circle. When I started buying hordes stuff I was trollblood right from the get go however I was always a little taken by the construct aspect of the Circle. Then in NQ #19 Ron Kruzie did a painting article on the Woldwarden which was done through nearly 100% drybrushing and washes.....I could get into that. Once I started to play the game some I realized that an all wold army lead by Baldur could be pretty solid so this once again spurred my desire to do a "small" Wold force. When the forces books came out it was all over. I picked up enough minis to do a Baldur theme force. This Woldwatcher was the test piece for the army and first mini completed. I never completed the army but have had a desire to get back to circle some with the additions of the fulcrum, gallows groves, Ghetorix, and the impending Woldwrath.

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