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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Lack of Focus....Solution? I Hope.

As I documented earlier in the week I got a box of new shinnies last weekend. I have been working on Brine and loving it. I changed up my normal routine for metals on Brine's shoulders. I typically do white metal with yellow metal trim (seen on his gloves) but on his shoulders I reversed that and went with the white metal as the trim. I am pleased with the result as a change of pace. The metals pretty much done baring a few final steps. Next I will to move on the the skin. Here are a few wips:

So you may be have been making progress what's the issue? Well there is no chance I can get Brine done in time to meet my weekly deadline for the 'scrum challenge....not with it being a work week at least. My lack of focus on Gunnbjorn has also put him in the status of not gonna happen this week. After coming to this realization I looked around to see what I have ready to paint that I could bang out in an hour or two over the next day and a half (I don't wanna get pulled away from painting Brine). I looked over at the shelf and saw a feralgiest and said that's my huckleberry. I brought him into the basement and tried the overspray prime technique. I am not sure if I did it correctly but we will see. Next up I will make a glaze with green and yellow in and see if the pre-shading worked right. if it did I am in business and will be fine for this week.....if not back to the drawing board.

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