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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

'Scrum Week 12 Wip/Misc

Monday was the beginning of my week off. I usually have grand plans to accomplish stuff and they, more often then not, don't happen. Yesterday I didn't think I was going to do any painting and low and behold got a fair amount done on this weeks mini. I did a little work before people work up, a little in the afternoon after running errands with the little man, and a touch more before bed and here we stand.

I was able to block in the white metal, skin, tartan, and both leathers. I want to get the yellow metals put in and wash the metal/skin today and I will be happy/in a good place for the week. Since finishing the leader last week and working on the drummer this week I decided this am that I would grab the unit and finally straighten out some of those limp weapons.

I used the Keurig to get a mug of hot water, dipped the desired area for a few second, bent whatever needed it, and then dipped it in a pot of ice cold water. It was fast and worked pretty well. Working on the leader and drummer I forgot how much I hate the plastic fennblades and why (despite being really good on the battlefield) they have been on the shelf so long. I loathed working on these models when I bought them due to excessive mold lines and how brutal they were to prep. I had one of the early boxes so maybe this has changed over time but working on them today brought back all the bad memories. I would have paid way more for them to be metal and easier to deal with. Sorry... I am done with that rant. I hope to prime the 10 man unit sometime in the next few days so they are ready to go over the next 10 weeks of 'scrum challenges. I might do two a week and cut them done to 5 weeks of challenges to try and move the process along some.

While I was our running errands I stopped into one of my FLGS to pick up the latest copy of NQ. While I was there I also grab Rise of the Demons which was the first Quarriors! expansion. I had been putting it off seeing as I haven't played it much but the trip to Canada reminded me how fun the game is.

I haven't had a chance to try it out yet but excited to see the new corruption mechanic. The FLGS had a post on one of their cases which said the next Quarriors! expansion is due in June so that was pretty cool to see as well.

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