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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Airbrush Action

Since it is a work week I haven't had a ton of time to paint. Last night before work I primed Rorsh and Brine, the Kayazy, and the Extremoth's base. This am before I went to bed and before everyone woke up I took a few min to basecoat Brine's skin and metals. The skin was done through the air brush mixing P3 beast hide 3:1 with 70% isopropyl alcohol. This put done a fantastically smooth basecoat in no time. I then blacked out the metals and sprayed them with a 1:1 of Vallejo Model Air steel and gun metal. I did end up getting some overspray when I did the metals but it should be a big deal to clean that up.

I also sprayed the cloaks of my Kayazy in my 5th Border Legion green. I think these guys will mostly be green, grey, metal and a very little bit of red (it is Khador after all).

Lastly I broke out my grey basing trio and brybrushed the base for the Extremoth. I will adding sand and painting so patches of "dirt" like I do on my standard bases. I also expect to add either static grass like my older troll bases or use the army painter tuffs like I did on Les' Carver. I am not sure which.

I really need to get a troll mini done to meet this weeks 'scrum challenge requirements but my new shinnies have me so distracted. I don't know if I will get Gunnbjorn finished or if I should just grab a grunt from a random unit and bang him out in an hour or two. I suppose I can just finish up brine but he has a ton left to do. If I get the chance before work I might work the metals a little more (add the yellow metals and made put down the wash)

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