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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Trying to Play Catch Up

So I turned the corner this afternoon with whatever bug I had and decided I need to get going on a mini for this weeks 'scrum challenge. It looks like I am leaning towards the winter troll at this time. After the little guy fell asleep on the couch and my wife was putting the bigger little guy to bed I headed down to the basement to break out the airbrush.

The first thing I did was prime the winter troll and a full unit of fennblade. Don't look now but I might actually paint a unit sometime in the not too distant future.

Next I mixed up a batch of my skin color to go through the airbrush. The skin I use for my elemental trolls (pyre, slag, winter, and soon lightning) is Reaper Master Series (RMS) Dusky Skin. I thinned this out with isopropyl alcohol and then shot the basecoat.

At this time I started to hit the wall and blocked in the fur section with P3 trollblood highlight. I am working at my part time job tomorrow so I hope to wash the fur section before I leave the house so it will be fully dried when I get home and can do my drybrushing and then clean up the surrounding skin and do the shading wash on the skin. This will leave me Friday to work the skin up through my highlighting steps, do the loin cloth, and the detail work. Once again looks like it will be tight this week but what is new? OK I need to go to bed I am beat.

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