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Monday, April 9, 2012

Did You Get Your the Gunn Show?

OK so I have had a lot of distractions and new shinnies pulling me away from my April/May Gunnbjorn vow but I dedicated a little time to start the man himself. Here are a few WIP shots of Gunny ready to bring the bang to the enemies of the Kriels. I am going to paint his Cygnar uniform in the colors of the Fort Falk garrison seen in Escalation (love that and the 5th Border Legion schemes). So far I have basecoated most of the metals, his skin, and grey uniform. I also did a shade wash on the grey and one little highlight to see if I liked it before I progressed too far. I think he is on the right track and I hope to put him on the table the next time I get to the FLGS to play.....too bad Rok won't be ready to join him.

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