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Saturday, June 8, 2013

Why We Play the Game

Today I was reminded why we play the game and why I love it so much. While playing with big monsters, stompy robots, magical leaders, or hordes of troops is fun it is the people and relationships that make this game special.

This is a work week for me and those of you that follow along know I rarely make it out to the FLGS to play on work was different. A few days back a post showed up on our local forums from one of our old PGs (PG_Moz) saying he would be in town and wanted to hang at the store. I was going to just stop by on my way to work but my wife said go ahead and head out early and play and hang out (she is the best). I cut my sleep short packed up the trolls and headed to the store to say hello, BS, and get a game in. After games ended we all headed to a local joint for pizza and wings and more BSing. Seeing a friend from out of town and just hanging with the guys over greasy food just made me reflect and realize how great this part of the hobby is.

I am not sure who will see this but I just want to say a big thanks to the guys that make this so enjoyable for me. PG_Moz, PG_z1g1, PG_blklotus thanks for being great teachers and great ambassadors. Oxyguy and Bloodyarcane thanks for always being upbeat and for fun games. Scudo (damn you), Tim, Abe, Alan thanks for the fun games and the special twists you all bring to your own games. While not at the store nearly as much as you would like thanks Mickey for being my hobby go to guy and BSing about painting at odd hours of the day.

Like I said the game is fun and well designed but it is days like today where one realizes that the people we play with are as important if not more so in making our game the best game there is. Thanks guys.

Friday, June 7, 2013

Borka is Smiling

If you saw my last post you know I have a really exciting new mini coming in my near future and with that my new Borka got a pleasant (yet expected) surprise on the PP main page today. They showed the plastic Trollkin Champion re-box based off the Trollkin Warder sculpts.

I currently own two mini units of champs and was in desperate need for a max unit to fill out my Family Reunion list. I know where this unit is coming from and will not have to worry about major conversion work to have some variety from my other champs. As you can see PP has three different sculpts in the five man unit which is a little disapointing but has been the trend with these kits. I think it will be pretty easy to integrate a little variety by getting a box of warders and mix n matching a couple heads and by clipping off a couple weapon heads and swapping them between champs. I am excited to gfet my hands on a box of these and suspect they will be a Sept/Oct release which should give me plently of time to get the other parts of list painted. Here is hoping the mold lines on these gentleman is no where near as bad as the fennblades or Nog's head may explode.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Just Have to Share

Hey all. As you know I have commissioned Rob Hawkins on a few different projects over the last year. He has done some awesome conversions for me and I have loved everyone of them (Rok/Extremoth/etc). Rob has just fnished up the latest conversion project and I just have to share it now. I would typically wait for a "What's in the Box" post but this is just too cool not too share. Here he is:

The latest project was to do a Borka conversion to make him holding Truama in two hands and looking more like his amazing artwork on page 47 of the Trollblood forces of box. Please check out this link to Rob's blog where he shows step by step shots of the project and has a ton of photos of this awesome mini:

If you aren't familar with Rob's blog you really should check it out. He is an amazing hobbyist (that a word?). I really look forward to getting some paint on this guy. There are a few other things coming back with Borka but I will do a "What's in the Box" for the other stuff.