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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Just Have to Share

Hey all. As you know I have commissioned Rob Hawkins on a few different projects over the last year. He has done some awesome conversions for me and I have loved everyone of them (Rok/Extremoth/etc). Rob has just fnished up the latest conversion project and I just have to share it now. I would typically wait for a "What's in the Box" post but this is just too cool not too share. Here he is:

The latest project was to do a Borka conversion to make him holding Truama in two hands and looking more like his amazing artwork on page 47 of the Trollblood forces of box. Please check out this link to Rob's blog where he shows step by step shots of the project and has a ton of photos of this awesome mini:

If you aren't familar with Rob's blog you really should check it out. He is an amazing hobbyist (that a word?). I really look forward to getting some paint on this guy. There are a few other things coming back with Borka but I will do a "What's in the Box" for the other stuff.


  1. I assume this guy will be top priority for painting once you receive it?

    1. I have to get the Hunters Grim finished buy yeah pretty sure he is on the table as soon as they are done