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Sunday, December 8, 2013

Work on the West Continues

Hey y'all how goes it? Well I'm back after 10 days in Disney and back to working on my WWX board. I was in the basement yesterday hacking away at foam and got a bunch started. I have a few WiP photos so lets get to it eh?

I decided to hack out a few more freestanding mesas. I think this bottom one may be my favorite so far.
If you recall my initial design for the 4x4 table was to have four 2x2 sections and one of them was going to be a cave hideout/mine. I forgot to cut the mine entrance when I made the large wall section and I have been struggling trying to decide the best course of action from here on out. I have decided to scrap the cave section for the current time as I feel it will be too limiting for game play. I also decided to man up and just cut in the cave entrance the best I could and see what happened.
Lug checks out the proposed entrance
I threw caution to the wind and went at the wall with a wire cutter and a utility blade. Here you can see the result. I didn't want to go all the way through the wall. You can see the back of it but I am hoping with the right paint it will just look like a dark mine shaft.
"Little tight boss"
"I fit fine"
Here I have the wall place on the demo section and few freestanding mesas. looks like with a little scatter terrain I should have a decent amount of cover for all parties involved. Next move will be to frame out the cave with some support beams and make a mine cart track. Once that is done I'll put some sand on the wall, painting it all up, and attach it to the base.

After I made my decision on the mine wall I had to think up what to do with the adjoining board section. I am going to do another wall section but not as big as the mine wall. This one with me tiered and allow for models to climb it. I roughed out the initial design for the wall with a wire cutter.

Once of the pieces I cut for the bottom section was warped for some reason which is why I had to go heavier with the liquid nails as you can see here. Hopefully once this fully dries it will sit flush and will still carve nicely.
Here you can see the how the top section with meet up. I left plenty of over hand so that after I hack in the mesa texture the should line up fairly well.
Ok that's all for now. I need to hit the hobby store for some supplies before they close. I hope to get some more work done in the next few days and have the demo section finished up. I ordered some supplies online and the township section will be seeing work once they arrive.