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Monday, July 14, 2014

Relic Knights Unboxing: Star Nebula Corsairs Battle Box

Last but not least in my Relic Knights Battle Box unboxing is the Star Nebula Corsairs. Lets get right to it:

The questing knight of the Star Nebula Corsairs Captain Harker. This model feels a little flat and feels like some missed potential but that may correct itself once painted....I don't know.

Happened to have one of my favorite Dragonforge ancient city ruins bases near by and decided to throw the good captain on top. I am pretty sure that my Black Diamond, Noh, and Star Nebular minis will be based on ancient city bases with some forgotten empire splashed in for variety.  

Captain Harker's cypher Ceaser. He's a cool little parrot and has some neat painting opportunities. 

Broadside is the Relic Knight version of light artillery I suppose. 

Some more of those lovely mold lines.

Corsairs. These guys are pretty cool for basic grunt troops. 

That concludes my Relic Knight battle box un-boxing series. There are two more factions in the Relic Knights universe but I didn't pick them up and do not see myself picking them up anytime soon. Up next for Relic Knights will be to start putting some of these minis together and working on some early list to get those first few game in. I will also be un-boxing the Relic Knights for the four factions I own as well as some of the additional character minis I had in my pledge. Once again thanks for stopping by the cave.  

Friday, July 11, 2014

Relic Knights Unboxing: Doctrine Battle Box

As we continue with the Relic Knight unboxing series lets take a look at the Doctrine battle box.

Delphyne is apparently a little girl with some pretty big power. 

Delphyne's cypher Ekhis. He is by far the largest cypher more than filling up a 40mm base while all the other cyphers are small on a 30mm base. This minis looks like it has some pretty serious mold line and will have some gaps to fill when assembled.....yay :(

The three pieces making up the Librarian. During the Kickstarter campaign I was most hot and cold with the Docterine faction. I loved some minis and wasn't into others at all. I was pretty much all in on the Librarian and would have to say he was a very strong reason I selected them as one of the four factions I pledged. 

Like M-8 from the black diamond unbox I felt the need to pop his 3 pieces together. 

Last in the box are the Novitiates. These are the basic troops for the Doctrine. 

As I mentioned I am hit and miss with this faction. There are certainly enough minis I like that I will put together some lists and paint them up I'm just not sure how far down the line that will be. In my final post of the battle box unboxing I will be taking a look at the Star Nebular Corsairs

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Relic Knights Unboxing: Black Diamond Battle Box

My Relic Knight battle box unboxing series continue this time with the Black Diamond. The Black Diamonds (from my scanning of the book) are like a mercinary army out for profit and protecting their own interests.

I didn't bother with photos but just like the Noh box their was a mini rule book, stat cards, Esper deck, and faction tokens (purple)

Questing Knight Leopold Magnus and cypher Static.

Blurry photo of the M-8 Blitz auto tank. I really like this mini. 

I just had to pop this guy together to see how it looked. I didn't glue anything just put everything in its place

The Black Diamond Corp. They are essentially your basic grunt foot soldier. I like the concept and feel of these guys but cleaning and assembly on these guys looks like its gonna be a bear. 

In my previous unboxing I said I thought that he Noh would be my first faction and I still think that but the Black Diamond are a close second. I will most likely work on Noh and Black Diamond at the same time as of all the stuff I bought my buddy Steve seems to like the Black Diamond best and I'm trying to get him to play with me so I need an army for him to play. I am pretty sure any list I start for them will use their Relic Knight One Shot instead of Leopold but more on her later. Next up will be the Doctrine.

Monday, July 7, 2014

Relic Knights Unboxing: Noh Empire Battle Box

After a pretty substantial delay in fulfillment my Relic Knights kickstarter arrived on June 21st. The general unboxing showing how far overboard I went can bee seen here . After I took some time to go through everything I figured I'd start doing some faction starter unboxing so y'all could see all the individual components in each box set. I have been going back and forth on which faction will receive knife, glue, and paint first but figured I'd start off with the Noh Empire for my unboxing posts:

After skimming the rule book it is pretty obvious that the Noh are you basic bad guy faction. The worship a the god Nozuki. They kill and take slaves in his name as apparently he is into that. They also have some an Asian flare to their feel. 

The box comes with a playmat for your decks and cards. 

Box is split in two with mini components bagged up on the right and paper products on the left.

Minis rule book, character stat cards, and the Esper deck (diceless component of the game)

Along with the miniatures there was a bag of faction colored tokens.

High Priestess Zineda. After skimming some of the Noh fluff she seems to be a power hungry, manipulative, cold hearted you know what that's not afraid to get her hand a little dirty. When the time comes to start list building I'm nearly 100% sure she's my girl.

Zineda's cypher can I not love a mini called Smite?

Berserker #1 is made up of 10 parts.....but Nog I only see 8.....

I found these last two pieces after all the photos where snapped. It looks like they are armor plates that go on the back of each hand. 

Berserker #2 in 11 pieces. 

Render in 7 pieces and some of them feel a little fiddly. This cast has way more mold line issues. 

There's the PP mold lines we all know and love :(

That is the Noh Empire battle box. There a few thing I really love about this box but also things I'm not the most pleased with. The first and obvious thing is that Soda Pop or CMoN (whomever decided) seems to have picked the same people to do their plastics and Privateer Press and I think y'all know my feeling on PP plastic. Some of the models aren't as bad but the render is pretty covered with lines. While I am not looking forward to the cleaning and assembling process I am pretty fired up to paint some of the minis and play a couple games. At the present time I think the Noh are front runners for my first army. I that is all for now but sometime in the not to distant future I'll try and power through the assembly process. I will give the minis a fair shake and give my final take on the minis after that. The next battle box will be the Black Diamonds. 

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Steampunk Wall #2

I haven't really had the time to sit down and focus on any of my trolls or other looming projects but I have taken a few minutes here and there to bang out the last terrain piece I picked up from Dragonforge.

In raw resin

I painted this one up in my more traditional stone scheme like the skull altar. I also used more weathering pigments to simulate dirt and rust like I did on the steampunk wall #1. I think I like the design of wall #1 better than wall #2 but I think I like the way wall #2 turned out after being painted. I feel more confident with my grey stone painting then I do with my red brick but I have to say all in all I was very happy with the three pieces of terrain I picked up from Dragonforge and hope he does some more terrain piece I can use on my table (when I finally get one). OK just a quick post prior to getting ready for work tonight. My July seem pretty darn full so not sure when I will get some "serious" painting done but hopefully I can finish up Dozer sometime soon.