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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Relic Knights Unboxing: Black Diamond Battle Box

My Relic Knight battle box unboxing series continue this time with the Black Diamond. The Black Diamonds (from my scanning of the book) are like a mercinary army out for profit and protecting their own interests.

I didn't bother with photos but just like the Noh box their was a mini rule book, stat cards, Esper deck, and faction tokens (purple)

Questing Knight Leopold Magnus and cypher Static.

Blurry photo of the M-8 Blitz auto tank. I really like this mini. 

I just had to pop this guy together to see how it looked. I didn't glue anything just put everything in its place

The Black Diamond Corp. They are essentially your basic grunt foot soldier. I like the concept and feel of these guys but cleaning and assembly on these guys looks like its gonna be a bear. 

In my previous unboxing I said I thought that he Noh would be my first faction and I still think that but the Black Diamond are a close second. I will most likely work on Noh and Black Diamond at the same time as of all the stuff I bought my buddy Steve seems to like the Black Diamond best and I'm trying to get him to play with me so I need an army for him to play. I am pretty sure any list I start for them will use their Relic Knight One Shot instead of Leopold but more on her later. Next up will be the Doctrine.

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