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Friday, July 11, 2014

Relic Knights Unboxing: Doctrine Battle Box

As we continue with the Relic Knight unboxing series lets take a look at the Doctrine battle box.

Delphyne is apparently a little girl with some pretty big power. 

Delphyne's cypher Ekhis. He is by far the largest cypher more than filling up a 40mm base while all the other cyphers are small on a 30mm base. This minis looks like it has some pretty serious mold line and will have some gaps to fill when assembled.....yay :(

The three pieces making up the Librarian. During the Kickstarter campaign I was most hot and cold with the Docterine faction. I loved some minis and wasn't into others at all. I was pretty much all in on the Librarian and would have to say he was a very strong reason I selected them as one of the four factions I pledged. 

Like M-8 from the black diamond unbox I felt the need to pop his 3 pieces together. 

Last in the box are the Novitiates. These are the basic troops for the Doctrine. 

As I mentioned I am hit and miss with this faction. There are certainly enough minis I like that I will put together some lists and paint them up I'm just not sure how far down the line that will be. In my final post of the battle box unboxing I will be taking a look at the Star Nebular Corsairs

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