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Monday, July 14, 2014

Relic Knights Unboxing: Star Nebula Corsairs Battle Box

Last but not least in my Relic Knights Battle Box unboxing is the Star Nebula Corsairs. Lets get right to it:

The questing knight of the Star Nebula Corsairs Captain Harker. This model feels a little flat and feels like some missed potential but that may correct itself once painted....I don't know.

Happened to have one of my favorite Dragonforge ancient city ruins bases near by and decided to throw the good captain on top. I am pretty sure that my Black Diamond, Noh, and Star Nebular minis will be based on ancient city bases with some forgotten empire splashed in for variety.  

Captain Harker's cypher Ceaser. He's a cool little parrot and has some neat painting opportunities. 

Broadside is the Relic Knight version of light artillery I suppose. 

Some more of those lovely mold lines.

Corsairs. These guys are pretty cool for basic grunt troops. 

That concludes my Relic Knight battle box un-boxing series. There are two more factions in the Relic Knights universe but I didn't pick them up and do not see myself picking them up anytime soon. Up next for Relic Knights will be to start putting some of these minis together and working on some early list to get those first few game in. I will also be un-boxing the Relic Knights for the four factions I own as well as some of the additional character minis I had in my pledge. Once again thanks for stopping by the cave.  

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