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Thursday, August 21, 2014

GenCon Pre-release Unboxings

How's it going y'all long time no post. Things have been pretty busy here and I haven't really had much to blog about. After getting back from the Southern Ontario Open I had a pretty big lull on the gaming front for no real reason other than life I suppose. The cave has started to see some activity over the past week or so and I have some projects I need to get rolling on (more on that soon) but today I'm showing off some new toys. I wasn't expecting to be able to get my hands on any of the GenCon pre-releases but last Thursday I found out there was a potential ninja available so I jumped at the opportunity. In the past it has seemed PP has limited people to only one of each item so I didn't figure I'd be able to get much but seeing as no one was asking for Bradigus Thorle I jumped at the opportunity. I went to the store Thursday to play some of my trolls and our ninja extraordinaire Brian scored me more than I expected......good thing I brought extra cash.

The sexy sexy nondescript black box. I love these :)

Gold cards!

Bradigus is  a white metal/resin model as you can see here with the majority of the model being done in resin. I have found that some of the more recent PP resins have been super clean and needed little to no cleaning (Bearka and Dozer) this mini was not as clean as those previous minis.

Not too bad easy enough to clean.

The plug inside the fold on the left of the cloak has me a little concerned.

All in all not a bad sculpting job. There is a little more work then I would have liked but seeing as I have no pressing need to get him on the table I can take some time. I find the nice thing about working with wolds and rock is if there is a "problem spot" I can just hack into the piece and make it a chip in the rock ;) I have to say I really like this mini and his rules and seeing as I am a big fan of the rock part of circle and have a small all rock force already Bradigus felt like a "must" have.  

Next up is the opera pig herself Helga

Nice and simple two piece sculpt but will most likely need to pin the arm.

Up close and personal. I don't see myself playing pigs but I have loved the idea of this mini since PP showed here are in the Templecon Keynote. I painted a Lord Carver for my but Les aka PG_Oxyguy a few years back so I will need to figure out what I did on his flesh cause I was happy with him. My initial impression of Helga are that she has a solid stat line and a nice spell list too bad she is in pigs. The more and more great spells show up on the these pig 'locks the more I think no pork node for Thornfall....but Scudo will ask at Templecon this year again I am sure......

Last but certainly not least is Ms Jaga Jaga. 

While Helga was a smiple two pieces Jaga clocks in at eight super detailed pieces. 


Upon details....

Upon details. Jaga is a very solid 'lock (one of best in this book) and while Helga suffers from her pact Jaga benefits. I see taking three units of posse as the back bone for Jaga just like most gator 'locks. 

Thanks for checking in y'all and stay tuned as there should be some work coming out of the cave soon........

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