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Monday, July 7, 2014

Relic Knights Unboxing: Noh Empire Battle Box

After a pretty substantial delay in fulfillment my Relic Knights kickstarter arrived on June 21st. The general unboxing showing how far overboard I went can bee seen here . After I took some time to go through everything I figured I'd start doing some faction starter unboxing so y'all could see all the individual components in each box set. I have been going back and forth on which faction will receive knife, glue, and paint first but figured I'd start off with the Noh Empire for my unboxing posts:

After skimming the rule book it is pretty obvious that the Noh are you basic bad guy faction. The worship a the god Nozuki. They kill and take slaves in his name as apparently he is into that. They also have some an Asian flare to their feel. 

The box comes with a playmat for your decks and cards. 

Box is split in two with mini components bagged up on the right and paper products on the left.

Minis rule book, character stat cards, and the Esper deck (diceless component of the game)

Along with the miniatures there was a bag of faction colored tokens.

High Priestess Zineda. After skimming some of the Noh fluff she seems to be a power hungry, manipulative, cold hearted you know what that's not afraid to get her hand a little dirty. When the time comes to start list building I'm nearly 100% sure she's my girl.

Zineda's cypher can I not love a mini called Smite?

Berserker #1 is made up of 10 parts.....but Nog I only see 8.....

I found these last two pieces after all the photos where snapped. It looks like they are armor plates that go on the back of each hand. 

Berserker #2 in 11 pieces. 

Render in 7 pieces and some of them feel a little fiddly. This cast has way more mold line issues. 

There's the PP mold lines we all know and love :(

That is the Noh Empire battle box. There a few thing I really love about this box but also things I'm not the most pleased with. The first and obvious thing is that Soda Pop or CMoN (whomever decided) seems to have picked the same people to do their plastics and Privateer Press and I think y'all know my feeling on PP plastic. Some of the models aren't as bad but the render is pretty covered with lines. While I am not looking forward to the cleaning and assembling process I am pretty fired up to paint some of the minis and play a couple games. At the present time I think the Noh are front runners for my first army. I that is all for now but sometime in the not to distant future I'll try and power through the assembly process. I will give the minis a fair shake and give my final take on the minis after that. The next battle box will be the Black Diamonds. 


  1. Haha great minds think alike, Nog! I just posted an unboxing of the Black Diamond box (your pics are way better though). I'm 100% with you on this plastic though, I effin' hate it! Although, when i took a look at the Black Dragons box, they seemed to be much, much better...

    1. HaHa Ron I guess so (psst Black Diamond is Wednesday). I haven't had a lot of time to play around with the minis yet but they ones I have tinkered with seem to clean up OK so it hasn't been soul crushing....yet.

      Ron you heading to Templecon next year with the Nomad crew? If so maybe a game of Relic Knights is in order?

      Thanks for checking in and don't let that big bear Zack give you a hard time.