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Saturday, June 21, 2014

Relic Knight Kickstarter Arrives

The very first Kickstarter that I pledged (some may say started an addiction) was Relic Knights. I'm not really sure how I exactly came upon this kickstarter (most likely due to Super Dungeon Explore) but at the time I was hooked. So back in September of 2012 I pledged my hard earned money on this new skirmish game and waited....then I waited.....and I waited....then I waited some more. I received my notification from CMoN a few days ago my package had shipped and that I could expect to receive my toys next week sometime.....well they arrived today. So a little more than a year past the expected delivery date lets crack open the box and see what we have.

All neatly packed away never to be as organized again

Nice solid hardback rulebook

Black Diamond box set and additional minis. Some of these were add-ons and some where unlocked via the campaign.

Star Nebula Corsairs! Who can't get behind some space pirates? Looking at my pictures it appears I have the least for this faction until I realized I made an oops in my photos. 

The Doctrine. When I took this photo I thought to myself "damn I don't remember getting this much Doctrine" Well....I didn't two of the boxes are Star Nebula minis and that was the oops mentioned above.

The Noh empire or the required "bad guys" I presume. 

Some base inserts I will most likely not use

A couple special edition add-on from the kickstarter. The boost packs were added for free but the two minis I added on and are from the Void faction which (from what I can tell) is like all the "bad guys" together. The "bad guys" are Noh, Black Diamond, and Star Nebula........huh looks like I like "bad guys"

Last but certainly least is the SDE minis based on Relic Knigts. These were originally suppose to be limited editions I believe but Soda Pop Miniatures has since stated these will be available to all after kickstarter fulfillment is completed. 

OK there is a quick and dirty run down of what I picked up. I have to be fully honest that after all this time waiting I had lost pretty much all interest in this kickstarter except for the SDE minis. I still have some concerns with this project but now that I have the minis in my hands I am a little excited again to check it out. Due to the small skirmish size of the game and low mini count I am hoping to get a few of my buddies that are scared of Warmachine/Hordes to play this with me since I will be the one doing all the hobby stuff. Over the next few day I will do breakdowns and better unboxings of each individual faction but for now I gotta grab a nap before work.

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