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Friday, June 13, 2014

Kriel Reinforcements: Bearka, Dozer & Smigg, and More

Yesterday was a big day in the cave as it felt like Christmas in June. In my last post I showed you all my pretty new Cephalyx and today I will hit up my newest trollblood minis.

The fancy convention black exciting! Hopefully there will be a bunch of new toys in black boxes like this at Templecon '15

Only 4 pieces to assemble out bear. On first inspection the part are very clean with the mold lines on the bear's body hidden well in the fur. The arms both have vents that need to be cut off prior to assembly but they are not out of control like some of the previous resin models. 

Very sharp detail

You can see the vent hanging under the armor plate. 

Been on a diet Borka? The mini feels a little thin to me as borka doesn't seem to have the bulk of his previous self.  

Dozer really fills up the packaging but is amazingly light

Dozer is made up of 8 pieces which were for the most part very clean and very detailed

Fist is a little dinged up but should be cleaned pretty easily....I hope

"Maybe we over did it on the fist size?" I don't think those bombard shells on the back of Dozer's hands would actually fit in the bombard ;)

Smigg! The little big man comes in 5 pieces (if you count the bombard)

I also picked up Hogle and a second fennblade kithkar. I plan to slot Horgle and a slag troll into my Grim2 list from the SOO and see how it feels. MoM has still been on the MSU kick lately so I've been thinking of trying it out and two kithkars just seem like a must for MSU. 

Lastly I picked up some merc minis in the order that brought me Horgle and the kithkar. A while back I basecoated Les' Galleon and I have toyed with the idea of doing either a Galleon list or Earthbreaker list for myself. Cephalyx being a merc contract has kinda given me an excuse to do a second merc list.....cause you need two for events, right? :)

I've always wanted to play these guys and a second merc list is the perfect excuse, no?

Tactical Arcanist Corp and Ossrum. The TAC will server double duty as they are going to be "Dominated" into my Cephalyx force and Ossrum is there in case I pick up an Earthbreaker cause sniped Earthbreakers sounds like a blast to play. 

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