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Thursday, June 12, 2014

Cephalyx Army Bundle Unbox!

So I finally was able to drive out to Mickey's (my LnL ninja extraordinaire) house after work today and grab my new toys. While I am really excited about my new troll toys this post is all about my latest FADD force the Cephalyx! Have no fear my fellow members of the kriels I will get to my new trollblood toys soon.

Exulon Thexus pin. Due to my obsessive "gotta have um all" mentality I am trying to stay far awar from the pins but since this was included and free I'll let it slide....hopefully this "freebie" isn;t a gateway drug ;)

Sexy Thexy!

The sexy pre-release gold card. Only card in the bundle that was gold

Lots o' bits

Seems ole Nog got himself a mis-pack. As you can see 3:2:1 instead of 2:2:2. Submitted a ticket with PP we'll see how long this bad boy takes 

Here is a pretty big mold line on his "head" This line is in the exact same place on the other side as well. Doesn't seem to go through any major details so should be too much of an issue to clean. All in all a clean piece of resin

Thexus' potential base

Tiny assembly guides on back

The famous PP plastic mold lines

Pretty nice detail on these guys

Baggy of pieces parts and parts is parts

Double baggies of pieces. 

Ziploc style baggies on these guys. 

three distinct grunt sculpts

Weapon bits

Dominator and Agitator

So many fun merc units to "Dominate"...who's first?

I also got a box from Mr Larsen at Discount Games today (great geek day) and that contained some more merc minis so "in case" I want to play mercs in a two list event down the road I will have options.....but more on this later. So there was my little Cephalyx unboxing for y'all. I will most likely wait for my replacement parts before I jump into workings on these "gentlemen". Once they are officially release I will need to pick up at least one more monstrosity kit, another mind bender unit, and one maybe two more agitators but I have plenty to keep me busy here (plus a pistol wrath, metal mind slaver unit, bloat thrall, and overlords). 

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