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Monday, June 23, 2014

Skull Altar Terrain Piece

A few weeks ago I was getting a lot of packages from various places all with tons of geek goodness. One of the boxes I received was from Dragonforge which had a few more 30mm bases I plan to use for my Cephalyx and a couple terrain items I was curious to check out after seeing them on the site.

I still haven't picked up black primer so I primed grey via the airbrush then basecoated with with VMA black via the airbrush

Next I drybrushed up my standard stone recipe from one of my all time favorite NQ painting articles. The progression is Thornwood Green, Bastion Grey, Trollblood Highlight, and a very light Menoth White Highlight (just on edges) 

Painted up the skulls using VMC Beasty Brown, GW Desert Sand, GW Bleached Bone

Glued down some "dirt" sections

I wanted to try out some weathering pigment for future bases so I made a wash of isopropyl alcohol and Secret Weapons Dark Earth pigment and washed it over my dirt sections and some of the surrounding stone. I also did some "dirt" streaks with the wash down the sides of the altar. I was pretty happy with this but I think I actually need to thin it even more next time I use it. 

All finished up. I ended up doing my traditional dirt paint scheme on the section I glued down but left the wash in the areas next to them. I then added some Army Builder Jungle Tufts.

You should be able to see some of the dirt streaks

I am really happy with this little terrain piece. When I originally opened the the box I was a little surprised with how "small" it was but after painting it and putting next to minis it feels "just right". This painted up really fast with me only using 20 min here and there before heading out to work. I'd say the total time was pretty close to 80 min. I'm really tempted to turn this into a large terrain piece but putting it on an MDF base with some ruined walls and stone to look like a ruined temple section or something but we will see. One way of the other I have a nice new terrain piece for my eventual table and a nice obstruction for squishy Mr Thexus to hide behind ;)

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  1. I Like'll look good on your new mat.