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Saturday, June 7, 2014

A Lock N Load Ninja Strikes.....Borka2 Spoilers!

Well my buddy Mickey is out at LnL having a good time and putting some minis in the painting competition. Last night during the Iron Painter challenge it was announce that Borka2 would be available for sale in the store this am. While I was at the boys t-ball game today Mickey was in line at the PP store. The would only let him buy one copy so I am going to have to wait until the release date to get mine (unless I line up another ninja) but that doesn't mean it is not exciting time. Here are the card photos Mickey sent:

Well here he is. I haven't had time to digest him as I was watching little boys run around a field like mad men and I'm working no no sleep but I will hit the dojo after my nap. 

Here are a couple more photos that have been circulating from Lock N Load. The art if of the trollkin bandits which are a different unit from highwaymen so more for us to see later on down the road.

We've seen these on Shick's twitter I believe

Matt D is working on them at LnL

Last but not least it brings me to my new obsession/FADD/ whatever you wanna call it.....Cephalyx! When they were spoiled at Templecon this year I was pretty meh about them and very disinterested. I'm not sure what happened but when the spoilers hit in the last NQ I was pretty much all in. I have a little competition/wager lined up with a couple of my Canadian buddies for Templecon 2015 but more on that in my next few post. Here is what my ninja extraordinaire Mickey picked up for me:

A once stop shop army deal. I will need to supplement this a little one the minis hit the market but here is a fantastic start.

So while, as of writing this, I don't have a Borka2 heading back east for me I do have a fancy box full of mind controlling psychos and large troll with a big ass cannon strapped to his back. Thanks Mickey for being my ninja and I owe him something when he gets back don't ya think ;)


  1. Is it possible to make the Kriel Warriors more of a tar pit unit? Epic Bear-ka thinks so. a full unit of Snow Shrouded Kriel Warriors with a Stone Scribe Chronicler means 15 models that can't be knocked down, with immunity cold, and on feat turn you can have them stealth and if you aren't immune to cold and hit me you're frozen, if you are a warrior model and kill me you are knocked down and frozen.

    1. Thanks for checking in. Yeah I'm still trying to wrap my head around Bearka and what the "right" build is for him but I agree Kriel Warrior are right there in the mix. In fact the first list I plan to test with Bearka will have the KWs.