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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Steampunk Wall #2

I haven't really had the time to sit down and focus on any of my trolls or other looming projects but I have taken a few minutes here and there to bang out the last terrain piece I picked up from Dragonforge.

In raw resin

I painted this one up in my more traditional stone scheme like the skull altar. I also used more weathering pigments to simulate dirt and rust like I did on the steampunk wall #1. I think I like the design of wall #1 better than wall #2 but I think I like the way wall #2 turned out after being painted. I feel more confident with my grey stone painting then I do with my red brick but I have to say all in all I was very happy with the three pieces of terrain I picked up from Dragonforge and hope he does some more terrain piece I can use on my table (when I finally get one). OK just a quick post prior to getting ready for work tonight. My July seem pretty darn full so not sure when I will get some "serious" painting done but hopefully I can finish up Dozer sometime soon.

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