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Friday, June 7, 2013

Borka is Smiling

If you saw my last post you know I have a really exciting new mini coming in my near future and with that my new Borka got a pleasant (yet expected) surprise on the PP main page today. They showed the plastic Trollkin Champion re-box based off the Trollkin Warder sculpts.

I currently own two mini units of champs and was in desperate need for a max unit to fill out my Family Reunion list. I know where this unit is coming from and will not have to worry about major conversion work to have some variety from my other champs. As you can see PP has three different sculpts in the five man unit which is a little disapointing but has been the trend with these kits. I think it will be pretty easy to integrate a little variety by getting a box of warders and mix n matching a couple heads and by clipping off a couple weapon heads and swapping them between champs. I am excited to gfet my hands on a box of these and suspect they will be a Sept/Oct release which should give me plently of time to get the other parts of list painted. Here is hoping the mold lines on these gentleman is no where near as bad as the fennblades or Nog's head may explode.

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