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Sunday, April 15, 2012

I Like Cold Beverages

Since posting this weeks 'scrum photo Friday evening I haven't touched a paint brush :( but that doesn't mean I haven't had any hobby time. This am while the house was quiet I took some time to get everyones favorite drinking buddy assembled...Skaldi Bonehammer. I have been putting it off for a while now as I am not a huge fan of the direction they took with the sculpt and have been trying to come up with something to make it better (in my eyes at least). I have been toying with some lists which require Mr Bonehammer's attendance so I just said eff it and put him together. He had some gnarly mold line and I did my best to clean them all...I am a bit ocd about this stuff which is why I am not a fan of assembly. After assembling I gave him a quick cleaning with water and some dish soap to make the prime adhere better. I intend to prime him this evening after I get up from my sleep and before heading into work.

He might end up being this weeks 'scrum mini but who knows. The way I change my mind I could go through three or four different minis before I pick one last min. OK all off to bed for me.

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