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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Out of Commission

Well after posting my RMM I got hit with some kind of viral infection and have been laid up in bed for the last two days going through fits fever and chills like a menopausal woman. This, needless to say, has put me behind on painting for this weeks 'scrum challenge and projects in general. I finally started to feel a little better this after noon and took a few minutes to clean and assemble another redhead stepchild of the trollblood faction...the winter troll.

He has a few gaps that I need to address with some liquid green stuff and then he will be ready for some primer. Despite being a warbeast and larger than Skaldi I might make him this weeks 'scrum mini as he is fairly simple and I have my elemental troll scheme worked out pretty well already from the pyre and slag trolls. His skin will be the same grey color and he will have white/grey hair. I am not sure what color the nubby/spiky bits will be (prob my traditional purplish color).

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