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Monday, February 13, 2012

Random Miniature Monday

Random miniature Monday is back after missing a week due to Templecon. This week I am posting my Pyre Troll. This gentleman was the very last mini I painted in PG_theblklotus' escalation league. He was an add on which I didn't plan on painting for the league but just came together that last week. I guess it was a good thing as he won best painted single mini for the league and scored me a nice gift certificate to Comix Zone (one of our FLGS).

After being off from work for 3 weeks I have to go back tonight :( Even though it is an on week for me I hope to get some stuff accomplished this week. I have to get a 'scrum mini done for sure....leaning towards a skinner I think. I would also like to make some progress towards this months PtT from Lost Hemisphere. This months target is a character 'jack/'beat or one of the new league models. Seeing as I am not up for a conversion at this time and Rok isn't available I thought I would be skipping this months target. It was at this time I saw my unpainted Scrapjack and decided to give him a go for this month. He will be painted up in my 5th Border Legion scheme and I think I am going to attempt battle damage on this guy in the hopes of carrying it over to the entire Khador force (been getting the urge to fight for the Motherland again). On top of all this I want to try and finish up Les' Carver and get it back to him.....Lots to try and accomplish. If I can get my 'scrum mini and maybe one other done I will be happy.

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