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Monday, February 20, 2012

Random Miniature Monday

This week I selected a mini from an entirely different faction. This is a bloat thrall I painted some time in '08 I think? I like the look of the mini and picked him up to go with my Cryx arm. A large inspiration for my Cryx army was by Rob Hawkins' army in NQs 17-20 painted in the staff challenge (with Matt, Ron, and Quinton). When I picked up the model I was disgusted with the gaps and put him aside. He was actually assembled for me on commission by Dan "Youngwolf7" of Brushthralls fame. I asked him to take the goo out of the barrel and other than that he is a stock mini. This mini was one of my first attempts at photographing my minis (in fact might have been the first). I need to get some better pics of him at some point but wanted to go a different direction with today's RMM.

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