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Friday, February 10, 2012

Templecon Hangover/'Scrum Week 4

Hey all. I have been in a bit of a hungover state following the weekend that was Templecon. The week was a blast but tiring. I miss being able to just walk down stairs and grab a game whenever. I ended up playing in only 2 tourneys the team tourney and Hardcore. The team tourney was a bit of a hot mess as it took nearly 12 hours to play. I was going to try and play blood/sweat/tiers but we had a guy drop so one of our team was missing a man so I filled in. We did terribly with the team going 1-4 (only win was a bye) and I think I was 1-3 maybe 2-2. I don't really remember the last game to be honest. Here are some photos:

Hardcore was awesome. My pMadrak beast brick played well and I went 2-2. After winning the first game I lost the second game at dice down due to killboxing myself (dumbass). If I was one inch further in from the right edge I would have ended up winning on the 2nd tiebreaker. This was fine as it would have kept me in the winners bracket and I would have gotten smoked in the next round anyways (the guys I played round two played Jake aka Neutralyze in round three). I then proceeded to win game three and lose game four.

I was going to play a game with 'Gday late Saturday but it got too late and he headed up to bed. Instead I played another one of the Lost crew and played Valrus on one of the scenario tables. This game was a bit of a blur as well as I was pretty out of it by the end.

OK here is week 4 of my 'Scrum Challenge. I had a snafu with week three and almost didn't get it submitted. I forgot to send it to Goris so I had to call my wife from Templecon and have her send him an email with the attached photo. This phone called occurred at ~11:45pm Friday evening :/ I still haven't unpacked my minis from TC so no group photo this week but I will do one next week...promise. This week I did a Thrullg I had sitting on the shelf waiting to be painted. He didn't make the trip to TC so he was easily accessible.

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