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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Stay on Target....

The little man decided he didn't want to cooperate last night and didn't go to bed until well after midnight. The fact that I didn't get to work on my scrum mini last night sealed the deal that this months PtT will be missed and therefore one of my goal for 2012 is already out the door.

On the bright side I have gotten a lot done on the skinner today (washes are drying right now) so I should be able to have him finished which will keep me on track for the 'scrum challenge. I have to help get some things done around the house this afternoon but hope to have finished pics of the skinner by afternoon tomorrow.

I am having a FADD attack however. I just placed an online order for a bunch of minis for Khador. I stumbled across a gift card that was going to expire on 2/29 so I had to place an order...right? I picked up a full unit of winter guard infantry and UA, a box of doom reavers, a blister of kayazy eliminators, and a winter troll. Winter troll?!? Yup I decided to pick up our most infamous mini to add to the Nog Kriel. I doubt he will ever see much table time but who knows. I figured if I am currently painting a highly maligned mini in the skinner why not another scoffed at model to hang out with him. I think when I get around to him I will do him up like the one featured in GnG (forget the issue number) with the extra fur sculpted on his back and shoulders. OK stuff should be about dry time to get back to work.

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