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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Gobber Almost Done

Thank goodness for head starts. After getting the swamp gobber off to a good start I stalled out the last few days due to illness. There has been no hobby work over the last few days and instead I just flopped around the house doing little of anything. This am I got up and decided I needed to get back to work so here we are. He is 90% done at this point. I need to do a little highlighting here and there, finger/toe nails, bottom lip to match the other gobbers I have painted, and get the base set. I glued some cork on his base and just need it to fully dry before I basecoat it black.

I am going to do do the much maligned skinner for next weeks 'scrum challenge. The issue for next week is I will only have Friday night to Sunday night to get him done as next week will have no painting time. After that I think I am going to do the runeshappers I never got to prior to Templecon.

There is a 50pt tourney in Toronto at the end of March we are thinking about hitting. I have been tinkering with lists and I think one of then is going to be the Borka Family Reunion list I have written about in the past for Lost Hemisphere. When I was moving some stuff around the other day I found a third NiB hero which I forgot I purchased. This allowed me to come up with this list:

Borka Kegslayer (*5pts)
* Pyre Troll (5pts)
* Dire Troll Mauler (9pts)
Greygore Boomhowler & Co. (Boomhowler and 9 Grunts) (9pts)
Krielstone Bearer and 5 Stone Scribes (4pts)
* Krielstone Stone Scribe Elder (1pts)
Trollkin Champions (Leader and 4 Grunts) (10pts)
* Skaldi Bonehammer (3pts)
Gudrun the Wanderer (3pts)
Stone Scribe Chronicler (2pts)
Trollkin Champion Hero (3pts)
Trollkin Champion Hero (3pts)
Trollkin Champion Hero (3pts)

Due to the effects of the theme list everyone is a Faction model and the FA of the heroes goes up to three. The event has baseline painting requirements meaning I will need to assemble the last 2 champs, Skaldi, the third hero and paint all of them as well and my second hero who never got more than a basecoat prior to Templecon. Due to the tier bonuses all three units will have advance move so I should be pretty far up the board after turn one. I am not sure what I want to do for list two. I am going back and forth between Calandra, eDoomshaper, and pMaddy. The pMaddy list will either be my Hardcore list or a small twist on it. The Doomie list will be some form of a beast brick, and the Cally list will be some for of "Dygs of Doom" (I love those little terrors).

I think at this point I am throwing in the towel on trying to hit the February PtT. Unless I get hit by a bout of insomnia and paint the next two night through I just don't see the Scrapjack getting done by Sunday when I have troll goodies to finish up.

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