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Monday, February 27, 2012

Random Miniature Monday

Hopefully this works...I am writing this Sunday evening and tying to time it out for Monday am....we will see.

This week we are going back to my beloved Trollbloods. This weeks mini is an Axer which was from the battle box (my every first troll purchase). When I bought the box the axe head was broken off. After going through the front desk and multiple email I never recieved my replacement part. This frustration almost kept me from painting them and learning to play......glad I changed my mind. I eventually bought the part through the store and I think he was painted up week one of the escalation league mention multiple times aleady.

I love this model both on the table and the sculpt itself. Infact looking at the new plastic one makes me sad. I might have to grab another metal on just to have around in case. I forgot he had a head swap until I just put him up. The head is from the bouncer and I used his stock head on the second impaler in the box set. Once again I used my cork rock base.

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