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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Head Start

Trying to avoid a last minute scramble (like usual) I started working on this weeks 'scrum challenge mini. I decided to go ahead and do the second member of the swamp gobber crew (the grunt was lonely without his buddy). I basecoated the metals and put down my new replacement wash. The new wash is pretty darn close but not 100% but close enough I think. I am considering a few tweaks to see if I can improve it a touch but am also a little concerned I will mess it up. I also did the leather wraps around his feet and started on the wood grain on the bellow. All in all a pretty decent start. I love how fast these little guys paint up!

About a week ago I also started to work on the Scrapjack a bit to see if I can get him done for this months PtT. It looks highly doubtful I will get him done (there are so many little details) but only time will tell. I airbrushed in the basecoat on the green armor plates. I also started to put in the metals but got interrupted by the little guys so never finished that up yet. I think I am going to try and do battle damage on my Khador force so that will be a scary and exciting proposition. After seeing Conquest at Templecon my urge to fight for the Motherland once again has grown exponentially.

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