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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Productive AM

I woke up this am around 5 and couldn't get back to sleep. I took this time to head to the basement and work on this weeks 'scrum entry the fennblade drummer. Last night before bed I was able to put the yellow metal in and wash the skin and metal. This allowed the wash time to dry so this morning I put a couple highlights on the skin, basecoated the bandage, washed the light leathers, put in the first color on the drum (I think I am going red), and did his nubs and "hair". I am looking to finish the darker leather sections today and also the bandages.

I also spent a little time on Les' Carver this am. I actually went into the basement with the intention of trying to finish Carver but the drummer called to me and my love of the Kriels won out. I need to put one more highlight on his flesh the it is all detail work to finish up the DMMD. This will be the last photo of Carver wips as he will be done this week and I will be returning him to Les Friday. I will post a finished photo over the weekend 'cause Les checks in fairly regularly to the blog and I want him to see the finished model in person first not on a screen.

I also have had my attention pulled by another of my 'locks (I have serious issues staying on point). I looked over at my pile of minis needing love and saw this:

I just ordered 2 two more blisters of runeshapers so I can do the Rune of War theme for with this gentleman above. I wanted to get three but the store only had two in stock. I also picked up a classic blitzer to play with Gunnbjorn later in the month. Doomie will be painted in my grey tones like the epic version already painted and my elemental trolls.

Hope to get some good work in tonight and tomorrow as I need the drummer and Carver to be done Friday am so that I can seal them and have plenty of time for them to dry before I head to Comix Zone to get some games in. This week I am thinking Jarl and eMadrak will come along to play with the enemies of the Kriels.

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