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Saturday, April 28, 2012

'Scrum Week 15

I was running late last night and didn't get to post before I had to leave for work. I did get Skaldi done for this weeks challenge sending the photo to Goris and 'Gday (double dipping this mini) 2 min before I walked out the door. All in all I am pleased with how Skaldi turned out. There are some things I am really happy with (the cigar) and some that didn't come out a good as usual (the tartan). I really need to paint up his crew of champions to give them a go on the battlefield...I hear good things.

I am not sure What I am going to do for the up coming week. I am fighting an attack of FADD and hoping to stay strong but the $40 in store credit is calling me to branch into a new hard to fight. I am in the mood to paint up some stuff for my Khador force so I might so do a small based minion for the 'scrum challenge. I also want to get a little more work done on Brine. I don't know why I always talk about multiple minis cause I rarely get more than one finished but I can't help myself. Oh yeah also on the schedule this week is give my buddy a demo game. He has been curious about the game for a while and has asked me to give him a demo. I sent him to PPs website so he can take a look at all the minis and see which appeals to him aesthetically. Hopefully he picks one I can field for him if not I should be able to hit up the gaming group to borrow one that he can try out.


  1. Dwarfs.... He Need Dwarfs!!!

    1. I already own Searforge Les. If you count 'casters as 5pt I have 92pts of the 'forge.