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Friday, April 13, 2012

Calling Out to Troll Players

Hey all. Our PG just posted info on our next tourney and it is a bit different so I am looking for input/thoughts/help from y'all. The event info is as follows:

* 35 pts
* Casual Time Limit (35 would normally be 7 min turns these will be 10) to help with the new models
* You may have 1 league model per list AND/OR 1 jack/beats upgrade per list. Please indicate on your army list which league the model came from so we can find it.
* If you use a league model it REPLACES that type of model (ie if you take the Gravedigger Grenadier from the Nightfall league you can not take a normal Grenadier)
* 1st place Undefeated
* 2nd place "You Broke My New Toy" most points of league (models or upgraded jacks/beats) destroyed
* 3rd place Fastest Last Rite (Caster Kill with your Caster

We typically do not participate in the PP leagues at our store so I have zero experience with any of the "new" models. I am curious which of the models you all have found to be decent/worth using from past leagues you have been in. Looking at the Gnarls league Troll Axer: Hunger Driven (free charge vs living) seems pretty solid. So what do you guys think? Any of them worth doing or just stay with the OG versions?


  1. I Think someone forgot to to tell you, Troll Players dont get to use any of the "new" stuff

    1. Oh is that so? Now I am going to have to apply Mulg librally about the head and neck of your army to show you what is what Les :)

      You going with the Reinholdt that can work in Searforge?

    2. I was relly looking at the Corbeau Mini.... will miss you and mulg today!!

  2. Trample on the new version of Long Riders can be fun.

    1. They do sound like they could be fun. The only problem is I never finished assembling my long riders/Horthol :(

      I was looking at the weapon master fennblades, the named KSB and a few others.