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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Dis and Dat

Morning all. Well I woke today at 2am to find my wife wasn't in bed. I got up and noticed my oldest wasn't in his room either so I headed downstairs to find them both on the couch watching TV. Apparently he got up a little after midnight and she had been trying to get him back to sleep since. Like an WWE tag team I got tagged in and she went back to bed. By 4:30am He was still up and I decided might as well get some painting done. After exchanging a couple text messages with Zack, and finding out he is going Mercs on Wed, I I decided I will play Khador. My package from Jersey should be her Wednesday but the mail gets here around 3-3:30 and I have to hit the road ~4:30 to head to the store so I won't have enough time to base one of the models like I want to.

I didn't really accomplish too much on the painting front just did a little here and a little there. I worked a little on Harlan blacking out where his metals will go and blocking in some base colors to see how I like the layout.

All the colors aren't blocked in yet (as evident by primer still being visible) but I think I like the direction he is going. I might try and block in the rest of it before the rest of the house wakes up but I should probably start doing some house work.

Since I decided on playing Khador on Wednesday I also had to look around and find one of the 'casters I intend to play. I am going with Vlad who is the 3rd oldest PP model I own. I bought and paint the Dark Prince back in late '03/early '04 (evidence below). He was am early work and I plan on doing a repaint at some point but he is good to hit the table.

OG MKI black and white card which had everything on just one card. Even in BW Vlad is a Pimp.

I also broke out the airbrush and put down the 5th Border Legion Green on my Extremoth. This thing is massive and is going to take a long ass time to paint but should be fun.

I told you he was big.

Last but not least I picked a model for this weeks 'scrum challenge and it is going to be the leader for a unit of trollkin champions. I also intend to do two grunts before the end of the month to meet the May PTT on Lost Hemisphere. There is not too much to see but here he is.

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