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On the painting table: Batman Miniature Game!

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Early Bird Wip

Once again I was up at the butt crack of dawn. My oldest son decided he wanted to wake me up at ~4am and then fall asleep in my spot of the bed. Once he got me up I was awake so I left him bed with the wife and headed to the basement. After throwing a load in the washer I sat at the painting table and got back to work on Rorsh. I did two more highlights on the skin and I can call that done, I did the leather cloak and stitching, and started working on teeth, tusks, and nails.

Looking at the mini I need to do highlight the black straps, dynamite, nails/teeth/tusks, cigar, a few metal highlights on rivets and buckles, clean up the gun details a bit, and highlight the slugs in his bandoleer. sounds like a bunch but should be pretty straightforward. After that just need to throw the base together and call him done. I just put a layer of matte down to seal the current progress. After that dries I hope to get a a little more done. Seeing as he is slated to go in a Khador force I also did a little more on my Butcher who was sitting on the table staring at me menacingly. I didn't get enough done to snap any photos but a little progress is better than no progress. I have to work on my photo set up a little. Ever since I moved my stuff to the basement they just are coming out as well.

If everything goes as planned I think I am going to be giving my buddy Greg a demo game tonight. He has never played any table top games so I sent him to the PP site to look over the minis and see what caught his fancy. He used to play some MtG back in the day and claims to have been a white horde style player so I figured he would pick a "good guy" faction....nope I get a text two days ago saying "I like Cryx". Just what the world needs more Cryx. Well the good thing is I have that starter for him to try out. I think I will be packing up my Gorten box set to play against him.


  1. If you need some Cryx models, let us know.

    1. Thanks. I think I have most of it covered. I never picked up a slayer but I will sub in a seether for the demo. He won't know any different at this point.