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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Rok/EBDT Wips

OK so a recurring them of late is that one of my boys wake me up at ~4am and I cannot get back to sleep. Any guesses what happened this am? Bingo I was heading to the basement about 4:30. I got to work doing some drybrushing on Rok and Mouth. The stone sections are done. I may do another light drybrush after the matte goes on if the current color gets too muted.

I also blocked in a little bit of his loin cloth to see if I liked the light color leather for this section. I do like it so after I wash the skin I will basecoat this completely and give it a nice wash of Gryphonne Sepia. I am running low on this and really wish I picked up a pot or two before they went away.

I also took some time to build Rok his....well rock. I did my standard cork rock base using my think cork for Rok. I also doubled it up and then cut it on a slant. I like doing this with some of my dire trolls to make them look even bigger and also to raise the front of the mini to help me base things in my front arc or at least make it a little easier.

After giving the glue a little time to set I broke out the airbrush and primed it up. Next up will be my base rock drybrushing trio, some dirt sections, and attaching Rok. The last thing I did this am was start to get the EBDT base ready for Mouth to be attached. I did my base drybrush trio and then glues down my sand sections. the PVA glue wasn't dry yet otherwise I'd have washed it with VGC sepia ink too.

Hobby time over the next few days is going to be non existent but hope to get a little more done today and then back at them hard over the weekend. Lastly quick shout out to Diesldm one of our local players making the trek across country to Lock N Load. He will be entering at least one mini in the P3 competition so good luck buddy (I am so jealous) bring back a coin and some pre-release hawtness.

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