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Thursday, May 17, 2012

What's in the Box? Part II and WIPs

Yesterday marked the arrival of batch number two from Rob. This batch consisted of two troll minis that I have been planning to do for a long time now. I had all the parts purchased months before I even came across Robs blog and probably before he even left PP. I got my parts and then they sat and sat. This happens often with me I get an idea and I just dislike assembly so much that I just say forget it and the go in the draw. While rob was just starting the first batch and sending me some wips via email I knew these two minis needed to be done. I sent him an email discussing the projects and after locking down terms they went out to the Garden State as well. One of the minis couldn't be completed right away 'cause we were still waiting for parts to be released by PP. So here is What's in the Box?!? Part II:

Oh the joy of new shinnies. The opening. I was in a rush to get out to the store so I didn't get a chance to take any pics other than this one yesterday.

Here is the primed shots for EBDT 2 (calling him Mouth for the time being). I forgot I hadn't taken any "raw" shots of him before I put him on the priming table this am. He is all EBDT except for his head which is that of the classic mauler. I picked up the extreme mauler head and the classic mauler head and the classic just fit better. The neck section blending the head to the body is all sculpted. I really like how this one looks more ferocious and ready to eat any that stand in his way.

 "Finally the Rok has come back to Team Spite and Syracuse!"

"The Rok is gonna lay the the smack down on your candyass. If yaaaa Smeeeelllllllll........what the Rok is cookin"
So here he is Rok. The plastic dire troll kit left me very flat. I really hate working with the PP plastics so as soon as they announced Rok and that plastic kits were coming I knew he was going to be an upgrade kit for their plastics. When I saw the base for the plastics I ran out and got a metal bomber to use instead. At this time I needed to come up with an idea for his back and started looking through the PP online store. I saw the back of the extreme mauler and bingo I had my back. All I needed was to figure out a hand and for the Rok kit to be released. My intention was to get the body done and just attach the kit when it was released, however, that didn't happen. Once I started working with Rob I knew he was the man to make the Rok in my head become a reality. Rob sent me the finished photos for approval prior to calling him done. He did a phenomenal job getting the back to look just like I envisioned but something was not 100% right with the neck and head. It was at this time I realized on of the major issues I have with the plastics and that was the gap of nothingness behind the head. After discussing this with Rob he sent be a photoshopped sketch and we were back on track. As you can see he extended the spin mohawk to the top of the head and had it incorporated around the collar. Some of the spines go thorough the ring on the collar and the others fold over it. Rob was able to make the Rok in my head a tabletop reality and I am extremely happy with the results he achieved. It is really going to be hard for me to wait but seeing as there are only three weeks (two if you take out this week) left of 'scrum challenges I think Rok is going to be my final entrance for the challenge.  

After the awesomeness of above these shots are a bit of a let down but here they are. Couple more wips of Harlan. I have been enjoying painting this mini and he was fun to field on the table killing more than his points both games I put him on the table yesterday.

Champion Leader for this weeks 'scrum challenge and hopefully a minimum unit for this months PtT. House is still quiet at the moment so I am gonna head in the basement and see what kind of work I can bang out quickly before people start to stir.

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