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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Lil Something

This week has been an aweful showing for me i the hobby department. I have really done next to nothing and it is bugging me yet I am still unable to get going. The prospedt of doing the EBDT for this weeks 'scrum mini is completely off the table and it appears I will be scrambling to do a champion grunt over the next two days. Here is where the grunt stands after last weekend:

If I can get the yellow metal down tonight and maybe the metal/skin wash I should be in OK shape tomorrow for a last min push (sounds familiar). I have also been working a the test base for the FADD army. Here is a 40mm base from the forgotten empires line. I have done three layers of drybrushing on the stone and 3 layers of paint/drybrushing on the dirt sections. I painted both gem sections white and then Khador Red Base on one of them. I am going to try and produce two different gem stones on this base. The first one I am going to attempt will be a blood pearl which Ron Kruzie demonstrated for his studio showdown Skorne army in NQ 19. The second is going to be a traditional red gem stone following the gem tutorial from NQ 36. Gemstones always intimidate me so I rarely do them but I really want these to work out so fingers crossed. After all is said and done I will be attaching Army Painter tufts to finish the bases.

The last thing I did was in preparation for painting the EBDT and Rok. I mixed up a new batch of my Trollblood skintone and then further diluted it for easier airbrush application. This mix is essentially 1:1 of GW enchanted blue and fortress grey. This was then further diluted using 70% isoproyl alcohol.

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