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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Week 16 Wip

Rorsh is coming along nicely. Once again this am while doing some laundry (it is never ending in this house) I worked on Rorsh. Rorsh, very similar to Skaldi, has been a pleasure to paint and is moving along pretty fast. I got a little ahead of myself and really worked on some of the details this am but I couldn't help myself.

I need to start working the cloak next time seeing as that is the largest section needing attention. The skin is going to need one or two more highlights but that should go fairly quickly seeing as he doesn't have a lot of skin exposed. After cloak and skin it will be mostly finishing up the detail work and basing him. There is soooo much brown on him I am trying to introduce a little bit of color but having a hard time finding a place....maybe the trim on the coat?

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