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Friday, May 25, 2012

'Scrum Week 19 Done

Despite having the house to myself most of the day and being really tired I ended up forgoing much of my sleep time to bang out this weeks 'scrum mini. Here is one of the grunts for a min unit of champions. He goes along nicely with last weeks champ hero and three weeks ago mini Skaldi (I think it was three). I need to get grunt number two done so I can submit them to 'Gday over at LH before the end of the month for the PtT.

Here is the grunt with his leader ready to apply axe to mouth on any enemies of the Kriels. In the background Bloody B is begging to be completed.

While waiting for washes to dry on the grunt I also took some time to gloss the gems and all in all not a bad second attempt at gems.

I also took a little time out of my day to sort out some coins to reinvest into my minis. I haven't emptied the change jar in some time so as you can see not too bad of a pile. I ran out of quarter rolls.
Time to get ready for work...BOOO! The house will be empty in the am so I hope to bang out a few hours of work for both next weeks 'scrum min and the PtT seeing as the end of next week will have no painting time.

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