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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Must Fight Urge!

So those of you reading along may or may not have notice I have a bit of a obsessive/compulsion issue when it comes to mini. Actually this goes for any hobby I have been into (comics, video games, WoW)and the reason I can only focus on one at a time. The latest example is my FADD army which I have been making references to in some previous posts.

Well my newest urge is to purchase a product to make scenic trays for the entire FADD army. I saw this website ( a few months back and thought it looked interesting but it had not lasting impressions. That all changed two days ago. I was checking out some video tutorials by some of the painters I follow from time to time and saw this video.

Even though this video was using 40K minis my mind immediately started to race and come up with ideas on concepts and ideas for my FADD army. I then went back to and found some diorama components that would go perfectly with the bases I ordered a week ago and could be put into the diorama base to tie them all together.....agggghh! I don't know if I would even use them for transportation but I have always wanted to get a display case for my finished minis and these would go perfectly in such a setting. I have been able to hold off (for now) but fear the temptation might be too strong. Hey Tablewar guys wanna send me some to try out and review? :) (like they will see this).

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