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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Still Kicking

Hey all. Well my paint station has seen very little activity since I "finished" Rorsh on Friday evening. The reason I put finished in quotes is I am not happy with some of the final detail work and need to redo it down the road. I have done a little work over the last few days but nothing of note. I primed the Extremoth that Rob did for me and a min unit of Trollkin Champions which I need to paint of the next three weeks to fulfill both my 'scrum requirements and this months PTT.

I have done a few more demo games with my buddy Greg and it looks like he might be really getting into the game so that was cool. The problem is these mini demo grams really has me itching to play a "real" game which won't happen for at least a week.

I also need to admit my FADD has once again gotten the better of me and I picked up 3 'casters from my FLGS with my last tourney winnings and placed an order with my new favorite online retailer My goal with this army is to do one test mini over the course or this month them wait until the end of the summer to work on the rest. There are a few new releases I am waiting on to make the lists I have planned which is one of the reasons for the delay. The other is I want to do the entire army in one month. I want to try and push myself to not obsess as much over stuff and try and bang out an army but don't want to do that with my trolls. I also bought a bunch of scenic bases from which i intend to use for the entire force. OK just a quick update need to get ready for work. Hopefully I will have some wips for you tomorrow of this weeks 'scrum mini as I really need to get going on that if I intend to submit something this week.

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