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Friday, May 11, 2012

Scrum Week 17 Wip

I was able to work on this weeks scrum entry a little yesterday am and touch more today. So here is the progress on the boneswarm up to right now. Baring any issues I shouldn't have a problem finishing him prior to heading into work tonight.

Here are the two 'swarms primed. Didn't get a chance to base them seeing as I forgot my glue at work 

Basecoated one swarm with VGC Beasty Brown. I mixed this with isoproyl alcohol and based it via the airbrush. 

I ran of of paint in the cup so only basecoated on swarm. These steps were done yesterday before I went to bed.

Here is the one boneswarm after a couple layers of drybrushing and gluing down the sand on the base. The glue is in the process f drying so I will finish that up after I get up tonight.

Here is a shot of my previous boneswarm and the wip 'swarm. OK off to bed for me.

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