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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Just Pick a Model

So the week is flying by and I still haven't selected a mini to paint for this weeks 'scrum challenge. To be honest I haven't really felt the urge to paint much since last Friday. I am not sure what has caused me to sputter but I have been building lists wanting to play and thinking about the new army I am starting. These activities aren't going top keep me on track and in line for a possible war wagon so yesterday afternoon while I was watching the boys I looked over my minion and troll models for something I can bang out in 2-4 hours total paint time and still get to look good. I was considering finishing a half painted Maelok but this is kind of cheating.....I think. Trolls are out 'cause I am a touch OCD about them so this leaves me with minions as my only option.

It was at this time I started to feel a little defeated and started to say "well it was a good run". As I was about to throw in the towel I came across two blisters of boneswarms. YAHTZEE! These 'swarms would help me kill two birds with one stone. Maybe two or three months ago I was showing a guy at work some of my stuff and when he saw the boneswarm asked if I could paint him one for his RGP group. I brought the two blisters into work tonight and took a 20min break to assemble them (didn't have the bases) and I will prime them when I get home and should be able to layed down the basecoat with the airbrush as well. After that it will be a couple layer of drybrushing/washes. If all goes really well I might be able to have them done tonight but most likely tomorrow afternoon.

On the topic of my new FADD project my order for showed up today. I placed my order at 1520 on Monday and had the order at my door at 1500 Wednesday. Idaho to New York pretty damn good turn around for free shipping. I have to say discount games inc has become my favorite online retailer by leaps and bounds. The only issue I have with them is the inventor seems to be a little thin. What I mean is that they appear to only have one or two of a lot of key minis so if you wanted to pick up two or three of the same item you might be out of luck. This happened to me with runeshapers in the past and a few solos this time were at one when I put them in my cart (I wanted two) and they were stocked out when I went to check out. At 30% off and free shipping with fantastic turn around time I can get past this. So I got 25pts worth of minis today which I hope to assemble over the next few weeks/months in anticipation of a one month painting challenge to myself. I might throw it out to the group and see if anyone wants to join me on this 35pt in a month journey (doubt it).


  1. I have 35 points of unpainted pigs looking for a reason to paint.....

    1. You want in on this Les? I am thinking Aug or Sept and leaning towards Sept as an end of summer thing.