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Saturday, May 12, 2012

'Scrum Week 17 Done + Tourney Thoughts

After it looked like I might not do a mini for this weeks 'scrum challenge I ended up banging out a boneswarm in very little time and made the deadline easily. Here are couple pics of the finished 'swarm and a picture next to my first boneswarm. This gets me up to two bone swarms for my Blindwater army and one more waiting to get painted for my buddy. I am half tempted to paint the third one for myself to keep for a Maelok theme force now that the Witch Doctor has been put on the release schedule for August.

Boneswarm A and B. The new one is on the right. I painted the two of them via different processes with A using more washed and less drybrushing and B using drybrushing exclusively. I am not sure which I like better. I might put a thin glaze on B before I seal it with matte but I kinda like that they are a little different.

During the Wrath and Domination releases we had weekly 25pt tourneys every Wednesday night. These tounrneys were a blast and had a surprisingly large turn out for the middle of the week. Well PG_Eviscerae decided to set this up again for the next 4 weeks with the first one this coming Wednesday which I am excited about seeing as it is a week off for me and one of the only nights I'd be able to play. I am torn on which faction I am going to play. I am up in the air between by beloved trolls, the Motherland of Khador, or gators all of which hinge on a few things.

I should be getting a new box from Rob this week with my second batch of minis. I don't think they will be here in time for Wednesday's tourney but if they are trolls will be played no doubt. At the current time I think I am leaning toward Khador and breaking out the Extremoth I put in the Oh What's in the Box?!? post. There are just a few issues with playing Khador at this time. The Extremoth needs to have enough work done on him that I can glue him to his base (metals need to get done and green basecoat needs to be applied) and second that some models need to be assembled still. This is what I am thinking about:

Old Witch (-3pts)
*Scrapjack (n/a) <---need to attach to a base
*Behemoth (13pts)
Kayazy assassins: full (8pts)
*Kayazy Underboss (2pts) <---needs to be cleaned
Kayazy eliminators (3pts) <---needs to be assembled
Yet to be determined 2pt solo/merc (maybe Widomaker Marksman, Harlan or Gorman)

Butcher with a similar Kayazy list. The other Butcher list I am toying with is a goofy ranged type list

Butcher (-6pts)
*Behemoth (13pts)
*Sylys (2pts) <---need to find my blister and assemble
Greylord Ternion <---need to put them on bases
Winter Guard Rifle Corp: full (8pts)
Kovnik Joe (2pts)
Harlan (2pts)

The last Warcaster I am thinking about making a list for would be Vlad. He too would have the Behemoth in his battle group and maybe a berserker. Zack has showed me how nasty Greylords can be under Signs so I think they would go in the list too. Maybe something like:

Vlad (-5pts)
*Behemoth (13pts)
*War Dog (1pt)
Greylord Ternion (4pts) <---need to put them on bases
Nyss hunters: full (10pts)
*Valachev (2pts) <---need to find my blister and assemble

After just coming up with that Vlad list on the fly I am kinda liking it...hmmmmm. Obviously, due to SR2012, if I do pick one of these lists I can't pick the other seeing as character restriction keeps me from using the Behemoth in both lists. That doesn't mean I have to play (or even bring) the second list though right? :)

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