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Sunday, May 27, 2012

'Scrum Week 20 Progress/Target Missed

Over the last two days I have been able to get a fair amount of progress on the 3rd grunt for my champion unit. This is were he currently stands:

Saturday's work.

Today's work

As you can see he is almost there but I have just run out of paint time for today as I have to get off to work. I thought I had until the end of the day tomorrow to meet my PtT goal but I just looked at the deadline and it is missed. I intend to finish this grunt off tomorrow and maybe start a little on Rok or Mouth the angry EBDT.

Last night I was able to sneak a couple min to do some cleaning of FADD minis. Today, wile waiting on drying, I did a little drybrushing on a couple Dragonforge bases for the FADD army as well. I am really liking these bases and just placed another order so I can expand the army down the road.

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